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Friday, September 17, 2004

And don't forget the libertarians

This space devotes a fair amount of attention to Kris Kobach, Dennis Moore, Nancy Boyda, Jim Ryun, et. al, but what about Joe Bellis? The Johnson County Sun features a profile on the 3rd District Libertarian candidate, who previously ran for president in 2000. So, does running for a House seat feel like a stepdown from a bid for the Oval Office? Apparently not ...

"I had a desire to run for this race, and the Libertarian Party had an opening," he said.

Sen. Pat Roberts played down the negative parts of the new National Intelligence Estimate on Thursday, but did call it a "fair, well-written piece" that "represents one facet of information that informs our policy decisions and should be treated as such."

Finally, a Sotheby's auction raised $4 million for the family of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash at a sale held on the one-year anniversary of the country legend's death. This has nothing to do with Kansas, and a lot to do with Kansas. Fly on over to the weekend.