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Monday, September 06, 2004

Thar we go again

Ragweed;s in bloom, and I'm sneezing my way through this entry. Convention's over, Congress is coming back, campaigns are in full swing, and I'm taking the week off. Haven't had a full week off since November, and I think it's starting to show. This week's top priorities is trying to make every Orioles-Twins game at Camden Yards, taking a day to get to know Baltimore -- the mysterious neighbor to the north -- and fulfilling various medical checkups. Will continue to post KS stuff as the spirit moves me.

Been thinking about the blogging concept lately. I hope the people who read this get something out of it -- it's been worthwhile, for the connections to people more than anything else. The whole phenomenon has a CB Radio feel to it, though -- I feel like media hype of it already peaked with the Democratic National Convention, when it was the big media story. All the coverage reminds me of the turn-of-the-century dot-com craze, when completely untried, unworkable products had IPOs in the billions. Just like the Internet didn't collapse, blogging won't go away -- but there's going to be a major shakeup that's probably already beginning. While there are a few Yahoo!s, Googles and Amazons out there, a lot of today's blogs are more like pets.com, destined for the dustbin of Super Bowl commercials past.

And Ozblog? I aspire to be more like an Infoseek or a Sportsline -- a promising concept that sells out to the highest bidder the first chance it gets. Big Media, are you reading?