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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I was sitting in the press stand during Cheney's speech when about 20 feet away a protester started shouting, trying to disrupt the address. Secret Service swarmed, but the protester was a fair amount of space from an aisle, so it took about a minute to escort the person out the exit. (I say "the protester" because I'm not certain of the gender of the gaunt, blonde-curly-haired individual. I'm thinking that's got to come out in a press follow-up.)

What was striking was everyone's reaction. Much of the crowd on the floor craned their necks to see what was going on one tier up. While security struggled with the individual, the crowd started chanting "four more years" while Cheney stood on the podium, waiting. I have no idea if he knew what was going on, but the chant stopped as soon as the protester disappeared. I don't even know if the TV cameras caught it, although the disturbance happened right under one of the cable balcony spots. Did anybody catch it?