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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dan Glickman, reprised

It was understandable when Dan Glickman showed up everywhere at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, but apparently he's everywhere in New York too. Former Wichita Eagle Washington correspondent Tom Webb, now at the St. Paul Pioneer Press (and a darn fine blogger, too), ran into Glickman last night inside Sardi's, a swankish restaurant on Times Square. Webb covered Glickman in the '80s and '90s, so they undoubtedly discussed things like the invention of the airplane, the taming of fire, etc. But seriously, folks ... Glickman's playing both sides now as head of the Motion Picture Association of America, a job he officially starts today.

Also, on the topic of fellow bloggers, if you look on the KC Star's Web site you'll see smiling mugs of Travis Lenkner and me. Travis is blogging as a GOP delegate, much as Dem delegates blogged from Boston. It's another perspective, and a pretty darn interestin' one. Haven't met Travis, but judging from the photo it definitely looks like I could tell him a thing or two about ... when the airplane was invented, or the taming of fire ... (sigh)