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Monday, September 13, 2004


This morning I reached for the handrail on Metro -- and missed, sending me sprawling into a nearby passenger like a drunk vaudevillian stumbling a tired routine. Monday.

Political Question of the Week arises from a Washington Post Outook section piece this weekend. A rebuttal to the flavor-of-the-month "Retro vs. Metro" formula of American politics, it looks at the changing class orientation of Democrats. And I wonder -- if Republicans are known as the party that opposes abortion, and the Democrats are known as the party that opposes garages, who benefits? Something to mull over while washing dishes.

KU Young Republicans are rallying for Kris Kobach, and Dennis Moore is officially on the GOP's TV target list -- no surprise there. Of greater interest are the Missouri races, where Republicans are shooting at retiring Dem. Karen McCarthy's seat and the Dems are aiming at Rep. Sam Graves, meaning that KC-area voters will see plenty of political ads, even if some are no longer calling Missouri a swing state. And no mention of the Ryun-Boyda race ...

And finally, Wichita Eagle editorialist/columnist Philip Brownlee had my back last week while I was out, reporting on Todd Tiahrt's emotional return to Congress. The full article from The Hill is here.