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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Political Jock-eying

So today I got an e-mail from an uber-organizer of Run Against Bush, who appears to be under the impression that Ozblog is a medium of choice for athletic, influential, politically active residents of the Kansas City area. Clearly, the man is a genius, and he was hoping for a mention, so here goes. This Saturday the group, which so far has raised more than 350K for the Kerry campaign, is hosting races nationwide -- including KC Mo. Soooo .... anyone interested can gather at 9 a.m. to run from Sharps in Brookside to the Broadway Cafe in Westport. More info's available from abenson@midtowndemocrats.com or on the Web site above.

(This announcement in no way constitutes an endorsement of Run Against Bush or of any political activity beyond the simple joy of participating in American politics. It does prove, however, that flattery can get you places with Ozblog.)

In other politics-sports news, Rep. Todd Tiahrt got a mention in The Hill today about his participation in Hoops for Hope, an annual charity game 'tween lobbyists and lawmakers. I talked to Tiahrt about his hoop skills this afternoon. He said he's a power forward-type, likely to come off the bench. But some scheduling changes threw his participation into doubt later in the day. For more details, and a story that talks about how he's been doing in general since his son's death in July, check www.kansas.com and the blog.