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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dreamin' of debates

Nothing like biking to work in the dark ... so this morning I awoke with a start from a dream about the presidential debates. Specifically, the one about domestic issues. For clairvoyance' sake and for the record, I dreamed that Bush would come out on the attack and that Kerry would fumble a question about school choice -- but would also be the first candidate to mention Jesus. Have to check back to see if that actually happens. (Regarding the larger question -- why am I dreaming about the presidential debates -- that's for me and my bartender to discuss.)

Busy day today ... a morning briefing on the Airbus tanker, an afternoon press conference on Sen. Sam Brownback and the Sudan, and tops on the agenda, Rep. Todd Tiahrt's first press conference since his son's death in July. He's promoting bills limiting lawsuits, but like everything else, that's tough not to be overshadowed. And lest we forget, Rep. Porter Goss goes before Senate Intel today. Expect tough questions, but not a close vote.