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Thursday, October 14, 2004

All in the family

Sen. Dayton continues to make the rounds on his staff-closing decision. For a transcript of his interview with "The Today Show," click here. And here is a transcript of what Sen. Kerry had to say about Boeing in last night's debate.

Check out this tasteless political advertising. This is being used in a Tennessee statehouse race, and basically takes a shot at Special Olympics contestants via the president. Wow ... The "wiregate" controversy keeps getting weirder and weirder, with that strange lump in Bush's back continuing to be probed. I'm getting e-mail from people saying Bush shows signs of having had a stroke, blah blah blah. Of course, part of why I get that e-mail is so that respected, looked-to-for-sanity bloggers like myself will link to them, further spreading the conspiracies and smears to weaken trust in a candidate. "Viral marketing." Of course, I would never fall for something like that.

(Actually, if you want to see some really good viral marketing, click here. You almost forget you're being manipulated by Burger King.)

Meanwhile, in Kansas. Americans for Prosperity, the low-tax group founded with a heaping amount of help from Charles Koch, is sending out more rounds of flyers. Their big agenda is a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, and you can bet the legislature will listen. ... Third District incumbent Dennis Moore spoke online with the Lawrence Journal-World, and here's the transcript. The KC Star's profile of Moore is here. Sen. Sam Brownback makes the Boston Globe in an article about the successful lobbying of Christian lawmakers on human rights issues. And in Wichita, state Sen. Susan Wagle has decided not to seek a leadership spot should she be reelected this fall. Her son has had a leukemia relapse, and family remains most important. Amen, Susan.