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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Swing-state fare specials!

OK -- I think America's getting a little too caught up in these elections. Every week I get a promo e-mail from Travelocity.com with some creatively themed specials. This week we have ...

Swing State Salute: Last Minute Deals from $255

(Here's the letter:)

Dear Alan,

You have two choices this election year: Sit on the couch and yell at the television, or get out and participate in the political process. Campaigns across the country are in desperate need of volunteers to help with voter turnout and more. This weekend, make a difference and book a Last Minute Deal to one of over 20 battleground swing states and pitch in!

Check out these great deals from Washington, DC:Madison, WI: There's Nothing Average About Middle America

Flight, Hotel, Taxes & Fees from $255 for 2 Nights. Badger believers, progressive minds and outdoors enthusiasts teamup in this quirky state capital. ...

Etc., etc. Travelocity also offers a "Philadelphia Freedom" special and some cheap flights to Arizona and Oregon. So there you have it -- political activism as an airline marketing pitch. God bless America.