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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The world keeps turnin'

Given that several e-mailers on the debate gave critical, yet evenhanded evaluations of last night's debate that took into account strengths and weaknesses of both candidates, I'm concluding that at least some of the debate e-mails are being written by actual human beings. Thank you.

They still favor Kerry by a big margin, though, despite the polling consensus that the debate was close.

The Columbia Journalism Review has a spoof article on Kansas online. The lede:

An asteroid crashed to earth where Kansas used to be today, killing thousands, leaving a smoking hole stretching 80,000 square miles, and further complicating an already tight presidential race.

"This could have a huge impact, but it's hard to know which way things will break," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. "Ultimately, the election is probably going to come down to who gets the most votes. Asteroids, in some sense, are just rocks. They don't vote, and they never have."

And on and on ...

I'm working today, following yesterday's work on the death of the 767 tanker lease. After three years, John McCain won. This doesn't mean Boeing won't get a bunch of planes out of the deal -- it will likely slow things down, however, and further put off all those jobs Wichita was once supposed to get. Congress is still fiddling around with intel reform and drought relief today, and I'm here for that, and to exploit my broadband connection to score Alan Jackson-Martina McBride tickets once they go on sale at 10 this morning. Martina's from Dodge City, ya know.*

* It turns out that no, ya don't know Martina McBride is from Dodge City, because she isn't. Thanks to the reader who noted that Martina grew up in Sharon, KS. Apologies.