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Friday, October 08, 2004

Army of One

One thing that can frustrate about being the Kansas Army of One in the D.C. press corps is that I sometimes get scooper on stories because beat reporters who focus more on one topic get stuff while I'm working on one of my many topics. It's the generalist/specialist quandary. For example, today's Washington Post story on the 767 tanker is one I would have liked to have, but I was writing about a general aviation tax break that will help Wichita planemakers. Picking up the Post this morning was like getting thrown out trying to steal second. You get up, brush the dirt off, and get back in the game.

Now the story is that leasing is nixed -- that broke after midnight. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Eagle for more details on this.

Meanwhile, Kris Kobach and Dennis Moore continue to accuse each other of extremism. And Kansas City Star correspondent Matt Stearns, who was in Cleveland for the vice-presidential debate, said he saw former Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Never saw him as the rock-and-roll type, but hey -- "Senators Gone Wild," I guess.