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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The power of positive thinking

I could choose to be depressed about last night's Twins loss in exta innings to the Yankees, but I choose not to be. We control our attitudes, and our attitudes contribute to our destiny. Therefore, today's post is dedicated to the bright side of things.

Today, it is highly unlikely that I will write any stories about the 767 tanker scandal -- a story I usually can't get enough of, but maybe not today. 'Twas a double-whammy for Wichita's largest employer Wednesday, as the company backed a WTO complaint filed against the European Union over Airbus subsidies. Many more stories will be written -- on both of these topics -- and it's darn interesting.

But not today.

Today, Rep. Dennis Moore and GOP challenger Kris Kobach are recovering from their first debate, held yesterday in Johnson County. Moore debated from Washington via a videolink, as House votes were taking place. Each tried to color the other as an extremist. Meanwhile, Kansas Republican and Democratic activists will debate on behalf of their candidates at Wichita State University, giving students a look at the issues beyond what they see on TV sets and read in periodicals and yes, this blog.

Ah, diversity of political experience, and a chance to hear candidates speak on their own, unfiltered.

Today, one more piece of the WMD puzzle was placed, with a new report on Iraq's weapons programs, or lack thereof. Still figuring out how to be happy about this ... any spinmasters out there have tips? ... Today, former Wichita Mayor Bob Knight is back in the public eye, advocating for Indian casinos in a $200 million in Wichita development. ... And today, I'm starting election profiles, an election-cycle tradition. And preparing for visitors this weekend. Much to look forward to.