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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Full-speed ahead

Catching up, catching up ... It looks like Horace Edwards has hit the end-of-the-line in his quest to get on the ballot opposing Sen. Sam Brownback. He's staying in as a write-in ... the 767 tanker scandal has brought its first jail term, but maybe not the last ... Pat Roberts says drought aid might hurt the South Dakota U.S. Senate race of Republican John Thune against incumbent Tom Daschle ...

... meanwhile, Wichita residents can show their presidential preferences by casting tomato beans. From Sunday's Eagle:

Those eating at either of Wichita's Red Hot & Blue locations can whet their appetites for the presidential election by taking part in the Ketchup Poll.

Through the month, customers receive a tomato bean to drop in a ketchup bottle for President Bush or Sen. John Kerry.

A drop in the Heinz bottle gets a vote for Kerry. The W Ketchup bottle is for Bush. Voters get one bean per visit. The restaurant will announce the winner Nov. 1.

Nov. 1. Could this be an attempt to prejudice the election on its eve?

A note on the e-mails referred to on Friday: Through Sunday evening, I received 112 e-mails. 101 for Kerry, 8 for Bush, 3 non-endorsement commentaries. The Washington Post describes the Kerry e-mail campaign, and I've had testimony from folks on mailing lists from MoveOn.org, etc., that they were encouraged to e-mail. Not a big surprise -- what WAS surprising was how the Dems caught the GOP so flat-footed on this one. I'm predicting about 300 e-mails after Tuesday's Veep debate -- and they'll skew much more 50-50.