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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ongoing struggles

The 767 tanker scandal is a story that won't die, with accusations of withheld e-mails as Air Force Secretary James Roche remains under fire for alleged conflicts-of-interest.

For the record, Rep. Jim Ryun was the only federal officeholder in Kansas who responded to Project Vote Smart's National Political Awareness Test, which is designed to let people know where candidates stand on issues. Here's hoping for a better response rate when the Eagle send its survey.

Meanwhile, Sam Brownback is continuing his work against indecent content in media, co-sponsoring legislation with Sen. Hillary Clinton on one bill.

And in other news, looks like the condo complex is covering all-new drywall and plaster in my bathroom. Bad news is, I can't use my shower for a couple weeks. Hmpf. Little daily challenges, abounding always.