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Monday, September 27, 2004

The joys of home ownership

So I'm sitting on my porch at about 9, talking 'bout the Grateful Dead with my upstairs neighbor while stringing her guitar (She's no good at tuning. I have perfect pitch.), when I head into the bathroom to discover that half of my bathroom ceiling has fallen to the bottom of my bathtub.

Huh, I think -- this could be a problem.

Call the insurance company, call maintenence, get a guy over at 11:30 p.m. to tell me my upstairs neighbor's bathtub is probably leaking. Neighbor has gone to bed. Wake up neighbor to tell her she can't shower tomorrow morning. Remind neighbor that I had strung her guitar for her two hours earlier. The bad news is, I'll be showering in the office building for a few days while my ceiling gets fixed. The good news is, it looks like my condo association will cover all repairs. (The other good news is that I have a really cool upstairs neighbor -- Bob Weir signed her guitar!) But it'll probably keep Ozblog from its normal A.M. posting. Wish me luck.