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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Moore and more

Twists and turns in Moore-Kobach. The incumbent Democrat got the endorsement of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a nice one to get when your opponent, Kobach, is running TV ads saying you're soft on defense. The KC alt-press, meanwhile, keeps up its criticism of Kobach for his stands on immigration, an area in which he's an acknowledged expert.

Meanwhile, Kobach's got Jerry Falwell and KC-area churches on his side. Falwell called for activism in Overland Park yesterday, and Kobach will be appearing at local churches for policy briefings. Along with the briefings, KC-area ministers will receive DVDs with policy positions for candidates in KS-3, Mo-5 and the Missouri gov's race. Star columnist Mike Hendricks is wondering how churches can stay tax-exempt when it appears they may be involved in -- gasp -- politics!

Hey -- a note on the Dan Rather thing, since I think this may be the only political blog in America that hasn't written on it. (Ozblog takes pride in the slow lane.) Part of D.C. journalism is learning to accept that you get lots of e-mail from monomaniacal lunatics -- but that's America, and I usually at least glance at them for a couple seconds. But one of my "regular correspondents" actually sent something related to RatherGate I thought was worth sharing -- just 'cuz you're a "nut" doesn't always mean you're nuts. Food for thought for the media-watchers, which I'm posting verbatim from the e-mail:

Another real question the MEDIA all seem to be missing on RatherGATE:

What if the forgeries had been just a bit more competent?

Practically every other major media organization gives CBS and Rather a pass or claim 'no bias, just bad reporting' but had the documents been created as competent forgeries who doubts that CBS would be sticking by them even though:

1) CBS had NO originals (as they originally claimed)
2) The source Rather claimed "unimpeachable" was anything but
3) Their was no providence for the documents
(even though CBS claimed they originated in Killian's files)
4) NONE of the CBS 'experts' would validate the documents
(several of the CBS 'experts' were not even experts)
5) CBS failed to test the documents for accuracy
(all of the contemporary officers took one look and said 'fraud'.)
6) CBS failed to use ANY source that disagreed with their BIAS
7) CBS even refused to contact sources suggested by those sources
they ignored, e.g., Killian's family recommended other officers)
8) Anyone with a minimum of computer savvy could have warned CBS

Almost any competent computers person, especially with a military background, COULD have created MUCH better fake memos.

What if the documents had looked JUST LIKE the other documents released by the White House, or the Kerry Campaign?

CBS is still be given largely a pass for NO ORIGINALS, no CLEAR authentication by experts who would SIGN their own name under "These are authentic", and no providence for the documents.

Even were these memos not fakes, CBS had NOTHING.

Nada, never a thing. They had copies of copies from an unknown source by way of an unreliable source who told CBS to authenticate them.

Imagine what a good document forger and Photoshop could have done with the basic idea if only given a few hours.....

How do you think all the so-called 'journalists' would feel if unsourced document describing their own fictitious crimes and misdemeanors started appearing -- leaving the journalists to prove themselves innocent.