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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Trend story here

Since Luke Tiahrt's death in July, his father inevitably gains mentions whenever Congress and suicide come up. A thoughtful column from Jewish World Review on just how difficult addressing suicide can be.

The National Museum of the American Indian opened Tuesday, as thousands of Native Americans descended on the Mall. Wichita Indians want to bring part of the museum back with them, and Sam Brownback's been a key GOP supporter along the way -- he's making appearances at the museum festival this week. In the past year I've covered a new Smithsonian Air and Space annex, the World War II Memorial, and now this. I've always been told that a journalist can get a trend story out of three things, and I've got 'em. But what's the trend? Any ideas? I might be able to make money of it if it's good enough ...

Hey -- Jerry Falwell's coming to Wichita on Thursday.