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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Do the right thing

The whole Dayton evacuation thing is shadowy and spin-prone, but so is the Global War on Terror, when you get right down to it.

If you want to share your opinion of the debate with the people of Kansas, click here. 'Twould be nice to direct my predictable avalanche of mail elsewhere, and besides, the Sunflower State would undoubtedly benefit from your thoughts. Comprehensive debate coverage can be found here.

Kris Kobach's turn-out-the-base approach to campaigning in KS-3 is termed "novel" in The Hill today. Rather than try to crowd incumbent Rep. Dennis Moore out of the center, he's focusing on voter turnout from the district's growing conservative base.

"It's a big experiment," said Burdette Loomis, a political scientist at the University of Kansas. "Moore could win big [if it fails], but it's entirely possible that Kobach could win."

Gay-rights activist Michael Henry spoke at a Kansas City "Coming Out Week" rally yesterday, and related a story from a recent visit to the office of Sen. Sam Brownback.

He told the senator's staff members that he was gay and supported gay civil rights. He said a Brownback staff member told him he was courageous for making such an announcement in the office of a senator who sponsored legislation banning same-sex marriage in the Constitution.

But, Henry said, he doesn't feel courageous: that label best suits those who feel endangered when they just walk down the street in their town and go out anyway.

And Democracy keeps rollin' on ...