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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pins and needles -- not

The most obvious difference between Kansas and Virginia or Minnesota right now is the total lack of campaign bumper stickers. Walking past row after row of the Wichita State parking lot I saw a vintage Ford Falcon with a Kerry sticker, a Honda with some generic lefty slogans, and nothing Bush/Cheney. But why use the stickers in Kansas, when Ohio is where it's at?

Spoke to a poli sci class this morning. Overall conservative, very questioning about the last-minute impact of stories like the missing explosives, etc. But more importantly, the main headline in today's Eagle is "'Nude therapy,' slavery alleged" -- and there isn't a single politics-related headline on the front page. That's not the case in Topeka, where I'm heading for an hour. But not all of America is on pins and needles.