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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Congress, gettin' theirs

Flu shots are in short supply, but Congress won't have a problem getting them. Meanwhile, Canada is willing to help out with the U.S. undersupply. Better be sure those shots are safe!

The Post's daily tracking poll has Bush ticking upward, which other polls are mirroring. But swing-state polls show a more tightening race. This raises the possibility of 2000 in reverse, with Bush carrying the popular vote and the Democrat, Kerry, winning the electoral college.

That's more difficult for a Democrat to pull off, thanks to the tiny disproportionate power of the solid-red rectangle states, but it's possible. If Bush wins Texas by say, 5 million votes and Kerry wins Ohio and Pennsylvania by, say 500,000 votes combined, Kerry's down 4.5 million popular and up by about 20 in the electoral college.

And what if that did happen? How heartily are the lawsuits pursued? Are the cries of accidental presidency muted, with both sides fearing hypocrisy? H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS NO!!! This is politics we're talking about, and may the best eye-scratcher win! It would be fun, though, to hear Al Gore telling W. that he feels his pain -- maybe they could appear jointly on a "uniters, not dividers" tour. And once a Republican gets smacked down by the electoral college, maybe we'd see a bipartisan effort to reform the thing.

That said, my gut tells me this election's going to turn out to be pretty dull. The buildup's just too great for a worthy climax.

In Kansas ...

Kansas counties could still use a few good poll workers. Anybody who wants to work a 16-hour Election Day in Wichita click here. I'll drop in and say hi while I'm working Election Day in Wichita.

The Kansas City Star did its Kobach profile today. Nancy Boyda had a misstep, pointing out Rep. Jim Ryun's Vietnam-era deferment in a debate, then apologizing. In a completely random note, among Boyda's campaign contributors in the last three months is actress/activist Mary Steenburgen, who gave $500. No sign of husband Ted Danson, though. Former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis told The Hill that he quietly crafted an upset win for Rep. Todd Tiahrt in 2000. Upset? And the Garden City Telegram criticizes Sen. Sam Brownback for sitting out a debate with Democratic challenger Lee Jones:

Considering Brownback is a heavy favorite in conservative Kansas, it would take a miracle for a challenger to unseat him. With victory practically a given, Brownback's camp likely believes that he has little to gain by appearing in the debate.

But that doesn't excuse him from participating and defending his stand on issues that matter to Kansas.