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Monday, October 25, 2004

Mil, Phil and Kansas -- still!

As is often the case with this blog, I stand corrected. Responding to my query about Milton's Message, Todd S. from parts unknown writes:

The 'nannygate' thing WAS noted by Desert Rat Ramblings blogspot
http://www.swdesertrat.blogspot.com/ and in a NewsMax article

The NewsMax article is actually a restatement of Desert Rat, and that's it for "Nannygate" so far. In the meantime, nannygate questioner "Milton" has e-mailed photos of "John Kerry throwing away his medals" (taken from the pro-Kerry documentary "Going Upriver," no less) and another e-mail called "John Kerry is a pathological liar." Fair and balanced, indeed.

But hey ... since the post-debate "who-won" e-mails were about a bazillion-to-one pro-Kerry, at least I know that partisans from all side of the spectrum at least find me worthy of their mailing lists. Take, for example, this recent message from "Philip":


Why are you not in Iraq killing terrorists? You're not doing your country too many favors just collecting thousands from the Republican publicity machine and sitting in front of a computer. Get over there, get into a supply truck, drive and wait for the white Toyota parked on the kerb to end your delusions.

Be a man...get thee to Falluja!

Anyway, happy Monday, everyone. Looks like we're hitting the final breathless stretch. A Kansas City Star poll has Dennis Moore up by 12 on Kris Kobach. After three terms, has Moore finally reached the comfort zone of incumbents? Or is Kobach's turn-out-the-base strategy in trouble? Of course, turn-out-the-base would make Moore's numbers artificially high, and it's tough to think Moore would win this traditionally Republican district by 12. Then again, maybe there are people who think he's done a good job -- that actually happens in politics, too.

Also in KS-3, we have the first vote investigation, over advance ballots in Wyandotte County ... Meanwhile, Nancy Boyda continues to make news in KS-2, holding on against incumbent Jim Ryun. ... While electoral-vote.com continues to flip-flop on who might win, the Lawrence Journal World is skeptical that Kansas is anything but deep red. Sam Brownback gets the profile treatment here as does opponent Lee Jones. And aaccording to this article, the state's political donations are on a record pace. Doesn't matter if you're red or blue this year -- the real story is green, green, green.