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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I came, I saw, I voted

It's funny -- my heart rate still skips a beat whenever I hit that button that says I've cast my ballot. It's like the culmination of all the debates, external and internal, and the final affirmation that indeed, the process ends, and it produces results.

Looks like we may be destined for mud, though. Early voting has gone well in some places, and not in others. Lawsuits are already being filed. Me? I cast my ballot -- which looked like a ringing endorsement of divided government once I was done with it -- because tonight I head to Wichita to spend the pre- and post-election in Kansas. Thursday I'm heading to KS-2, where the Pittsburg paper endorsed incumbent Jim Ryun, and where he and opponent Nancy Boyda had a spirited debate last night.

Friday, it's off to KS-3, where incumbent Dennis Moore is leading in both public and internal party polling against GOP challenger Kris Kobach. The two had words in their final debate, after Kobach accused Moore of being a do-nothing congressman. Meanwhile, some Catholics are upset with Kobach's appeals to them.

Saturday I'm back in Wichita, following get-out-the-vote efforts, especially on a local initiative on building a downtown arena. Local college students say the vote is all about attitude, while opponents say it's the taxes, stupid.

And then, Election Day on Tuesday. Stay tuned, as Ozblog returns to Oz itself. Now, if the paper'd give me some of those ruby slippers, I'd save a heckuva lot in airfare.