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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dennis Hopper (!)

Listening to the votes being counted, and the Dems are making their statements. Had never seen John Edwards speak in person before -- oddly enough, I found his speech more compelling when I looked at the TV monitor than when I focused on him onstage. That's probably for the best for the Democrats, as "Two Americas" isn't aimed at the activists on the floor and in the stands -- it's aimed straight at Middle America, and it will be interesting to see how the Bush team parries.

Other observation: The endless succession of military veterans, retired officers and war heroes all onstage for Kerry. It seems almost like a reverse of the "Compassionate Conservative" theme the GOP used in 2000.

(Timeout. Gov. Sebelius just cast Kansas's nominating votes, in which she praised Kansas native "Dennis Hopper, who was brave enough to, well brave enough to be Dennis Hopper." Huh. Dennis Hopper. Hey -- Easy Rider is a brilliant film, but the choice of  an erratic, drug-addled-for-years actor who shot at and handcuffed his wife during an eight-day catastrophe of a marriage seems an odd tribute at a nominating convention. Okay. Time in.)

Compassionate conservatives -- will they be succeeded by "patriotic liberals?" Both positions implicitly acknowledge a weakness and attempt to turn it into a strength. The former attempt has had some success. How the latter plays out will play a big part in determining whether Democrats can regain the White House.