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Monday, July 26, 2004


A minor rebellion of journalists and interns duct-taped all the air vents in the air-conditioning system today, rendering the bedoin tent that is our office more friendly to fingers, toes and other things that tend toward frostbite. No more need for the pullover. Of course, now we'll be short of duct-tape should the evildoers strike.

Speaking of homeland security, the Wichita-based Operation Rescue West is threatening a lawsuit connected to the convention. Operation Rescue's a pretty serious anti-abortion group, known for their trademark "Truth Trucks" that feature blow-up pictures of aborted fetuses on the sides. According to the group, security pulled 'em over on their way to Boston, infringing their first amendment rights. (These guys, by the way, are not fans of abortion opponent/Attorney General John Ashcroft. Patriot Act makes 'em nervous.) Don't know what the follow-through will be on this.