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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Breaker one-nine, breaker one-nine

Hey-lo ... minor milestone here. This blog got its first mention in non Knight-Ridder media. Only in passing, but hey -- think Lou Gehrig's first box score, the Village People's first demo, Michael Dukakis's first run for student council, and you know just how momentous this could look in retrospect. The rest of the piece is worthwhile too -- lots of insight into the new media phenomenon that will either transform the vox populi or go the way of the CB radio.

Speaking of the Duke, I almost ran him over on my way to Kathleen Sebelius's speech. So why isn't he speaking at the convention, hmmmm?

Tonight's agenda is the "Leaders of American Agriculture" reception downtown, honoring Dan Glickman, Tom Daschle and other farm-state Democrats. Good eatin', guaranteed.