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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Daily Show?!?!

"I can say for certain that if John Kerry wins Kansas in November, he will win the nation in a landslide." -- Once-upon-a-time presidential hopeful Gary Hart, speaking to the Kansas Democratic National Convention Delegation on Tuesday morning. For more on Kansas and the convention, including a piece on its up-and-coming governor, who is speaking tonight, check here.

Early spin on the DNC seems "positive," after last night's star-studded lineup with Al Gore, Jimmy C. and Billary. I missed some of Al's speech due to ambush from a crew from "The Daily Show," which asked me for an interview. Said they wanted a mainstream print journalist. I've watched the show maybe twice, but am aware of its place in the uber-hip pantheon, as evidenced by the "OMIGODYOUREGOINGTOBEONTHEDAILYSHOW" comments I received when I scampered back to the press gallery. Theproducer said I'd air Wednesday or Thursday, assuming I make the show. I played the interview totally straight, which I'm sure won't help my dignity whatsoever. I have a certain amount of trepidation, but also I'm interested to see how they'll edit the footage to best make me look like an idiot. Plus, it's fun to participate in the media-on-media overkill. Don't know when I'll actually see the show -- got TiVo, anyone?

Won't post again for awhile -- am following a KS delegate around all day, culminating with Gov. Sebelius's speech at 5:30. Long days, longer nights, long commute back to the hotel, which I just found out was home to a shooting last week over a failed Oxycontin deal. That's the bad news -- the good news is that I saved my employer bundles of cash by bidding for my hotel on priceline.com! I regret that I have but one life to give for my corporation.