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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Media, media, more media

Dinner has arrived at the bureau, and everyone's getting their eighth wind. Mine is assisted by Montain Dew, which only comes out in extreme circumstances. The weather has warmed up, and so have the delegates. Kansans were spotted on Leno last night, dancin' as only Kansans can.

Spent the afternoon at the Rural Caucus, in part for story ideas and in part to bone up for an NPR appearance I'm doing tomorrow at 11 EDT. "The Connection" is a Boston-produced politics show that airs nationwide, though some regions are better-represented than others. Station listings are here -- many of them offer webcasts. The show's done live from Harvard, and the other panelist is Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, so I'm anticipating some tough questions -- topic is swing states and how Democrats can try to win rural votes. One hour of grillin'. Should be fun. "The Daily Show" -- if I'm actually on it -- should air tonight or tomorrow.

John Edwards is tonight's convention highlight, of course. But what I'm waiting for is the state roll call, where you here all the "Great State" intros, as in -- "The Great State of Kansas, home to the world's largest ball of twine, the KU Jayhawks, the K-State Wildcats, Operation Rescue," etc., etc. I always wonder who writes those things, and how they decide what gets included. Keep reading The Wichita Eagle, and soon you'll know too.