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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Robert Altman

If I were Robert Altman, I'd make a heckuva film about Wichita. I'd take the Block Party folks from last night, meld them with the jazz I saw on Douglas this evening, and just let the camera roll. I ain't, but there's a great story in this here cowtown, and it's great just to experience a fraction of it.

I think this blog's about to undergo an identity crisis. Spawned for the Democratic National Convention, it's carried on throughout the campaign, its reason for existence. But the campaigns are over, and mulling can only go so long. (It isn't done yet, though.) So whither the blog? Close up shop? Evolve? How? The readership numbers actually aren't that bad, but I'm wondering where to go next, if at all. I have some ideas, but would be interested in what you think.