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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reflections, part 1

Interesting how many phone calls from across America I've received today -- people wondering what happened, folks feeling the comedown from the adrenaline rush, some folks just wanting to talk. Many interesting political questions on the Meaning of '04.

For Bill Polley's take on what's going on, click here. Brian of Springfield, Mo. is saying ditto to Andrew Sullivan's piece this morning, basically telling Bush, 'You break it, you buy it.' And Kristen from NY (a Kansas expat) has this to say on low youth turnout, which some people found surprising:

First of all, the kids talk a good talk, but are rarely motivated to action. This generation is used to being served, and unless the vote comes to the internet, or to their front door, they aren't going to show up. Also, I think Dems vastly underestimate the evangelical Christian movement in this country, especially among youth.

All told, it was a rough fourth quarter and team Kerry just didn't have the fire.