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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Lines stretching forever

Faithful reader William Polley writes on the 103-year-old voter scandal:

You're right about the math, of course. But there is a possible explanation. 1920 was the first election where women had the right to vote. It is possible that in the excitement of all those new women voters that a few 19 year olds (especially women) got registered. I'm sure that the registration process had more holes in it that it does today.

There are stories of 16 year olds going off to war (and also a good M*A*S*H episode), so I'm sure there are a few cases of 19 year olds voting.

I remember that M*A*S*H episode -- poignant, as many episodes were. And it is possible that she slipped through the cracks. My question then is, has the statute of limitations run out on voter fraud committed in 1920? And can we invalidate the Harding administration?

Lines stretching long, long ways in Wichita. Big local referendum on the ballot, and a lot of people who, even though their electoral votes are a foregone conclusion, they want America to know their contribution to the popular vote total. Going to hit some precincts right now.