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Friday, November 05, 2004

Reflections, Part 2

Sorry I didn't post earlier today. The Blogger progam has been uncooperative.

More feedback on the Meaning of The Election and The Challenge of Democrats. From Dana of Minneapolis:

I definitely agree with you that the Dems had better(a) just deal with what they've earned and (b) start asking themselves how they can be more relevant tomiddle America without losing sight of their sense of civil and social justice. At the same time, I have a hard time picturing what trades could be made or would even be acceptable en route to developing a more acceptable purpose for the Democrats as a competing party.

Part of me just thinks that our political system is straining to meet the needs of an increasingly differentiated set of societies that share a common border. Yes, we all are Americans who share certain values at day's end. At the same time,our ability to collectively live and let live will continue to be sorely tested. But I'm one guy who iswilling to keep trying.

And from Jeremy in NY, another KS expatriate:

I can move on and accept that W has won again. I feel as if he's lowered the bar so low that it shouldn't be too hard to exceed what he's done in the past 4 years. However, I feel like America's wish list is still pretty long. He's got some work to do, and now that he has his once-elusive "mandate," he needs to make good.

Keep the feedback coming. So far we have an overrepresentation of grieving Democrats, but nothing too hysterical. Anyone really thrilled at the second Bush Administration? Here's your golden chance.

Last day in Wichita. Spent part of my morning gathering yard signs to decorate a post-election party I'm helping organize at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Attn: DC readership. Party starts at 7 in the Nat'l Press Building, 14th and F. Cheap drinks, lots of wonky conversation, bring lots of friends.