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Monday, November 08, 2004

The Great "Blue" North

And now, a jaunt into a recurring motif of this blog -- gratuitous references to Canada. This actually relates -- the Great White North (or is it the Great "Blue" North, noting the yearnings of those who have been citing it?) has popped up in several notes I've received this week.

One D.C. friend forwarded me a world map with an electoral vote showing a Kerry landslide. In it, most of the world was blue except for the United States, Saskatchewan (Canada reference), Poland and a couple other spots. Point is, of course, that most of the world wanted Kerry president. A Minneapolis reader had a more pointed reference -- her map had the northern Great Lakes states, the northeast and West coast combined with the Big Blue Neighbor as "The United States of Canada," while the rest of Red America was called "Jesusland."

Interesting forwards. Funny, but if the sentiments behind them are being taken too seriously it shows, IMO, how folks on the left Still Aren't Getting It. No doubt that much of the rest of the world would have liked to have seen Bush lose -- but it's AMERICAN votes that matter, and that HAS to be the Democratic Party's focus going forward. And calling most of America "Jesusland" totally plays into stereotypes that kill the left every time. I'm guessing a lot of Democrats take Jesus seriously, and I'm guessing a lot of secular-directed progressives live in -- and like -- Jesusland.

So yeah, I get the humor, but I'm not really laughing. THIS, on the other hand, is a hoot. Check out this Web site, submitted by Erica of Calgary -- an actual Canadian: http://www.marryanamerican.ca . Actual profiles of Canadians willing to grant marital citizenship privileges to disaffected Americans looking for love.

Now that's a friendly neighbor!