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Monday, August 30, 2004

Kit Bond, Kris Kobach

Kansas 3rd District candidate Kris Kobach and Missouri Sen. Kit Bond both are speaking at the RNC today. Bond's prepared remarks:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen a concerted effort by the Democratic smear machine attacking the President. We have heard accusations repeated as if they were the truth. The Senate Intelligence Committee has worked for over a year to find the truth.

And if John Kerry had paid attention, and if John Edwards had ever showed up, they would have known the truth too. The truth is that the President's statement was "well-founded" about Iraq's intentions regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. And there was never pressure put on analysts to change their assessments on Iraq.

President Bush has led with strength, principle, and conviction. He will continue to strengthen our Intelligence network - not politicize it as John Kerry has tried to do. President Bush knows that Intelligence is too important to be politicized. America needs his leadership in the White House now more than ever.

Kobach's remarks, in an Ozblog exclusive!

As counsel to Attorney General Ashcroft, I took concrete steps to fight terrorism. I saw how important it is to give our law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need -- and saw vulnerabilities that terrorists continue to exploit. I'll close the door to terrorists who abuse America's open borders.

In the Bush administration I saw the National Guard protect our borders against terrorist infiltration. My opponent's votes placed America at risk. How many terrorists will enter the United States before my opponent realizes we must close the borders to terrorists? I'll work every day to make Kansas safer and more prosperous.

Thus spake Kris Kobach.

Kansas delegates applauded like crazy, in one of the few of their spotlight moments at this convention. But Missouri, the key swing state, is getting front-of-the-floor treatment at the convention. Missouri delegates are most concerned about terrorism and Iraq, and thus far, they're pleased with security at the convention.