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Friday, August 27, 2004

Revving up

They say it, so Kris Kobach doesn't have to. The National Republican Congressional Committee is accusing Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Lenexa, of "soft bigotry" in his attitudes toward Hispanics.

"Dennis Moore is a walking contradiction, saying small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy, and yet trying to break the backs of Hispanic entrepreneurs and families when he votes in Washington," said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Alejandro Burgos. "For Moore to say it takes six or seven years for a child to be proficient in English is not only ludicrous, it's a sad example of the soft bigotry of low expectations."

The release, which I can't find posted on the Internet yet, goes on with votes, Moore comments, etc. There will be dozens more of these between now and Nov. 2.

Meanwhile, a Kansan involved with drafting the GOP platform for the RNC helped persuade the party to adopt a more moderate plank on abortion and gay rights. From today's LA Times:

Earlier this month, the [abortion rights] group joined with a gay GOP organization, Log Cabin Republicans, to propose a "unity" plank that would specifically acknowledge party splits over abortion and gay and lesbian issues.

But they failed to persuade anyone on the platform committee to introduce the proposal for debate.

Instead, an antiabortion delegate, James Bopp of Indiana, teamed with an abortion-rights advocate, Stephen Cloud of Kansas, to pass a more generic plank saying the party would "respect and accept" -- rather than merely "recognize" -- people with differing views. A White House aide helped to broker the arrangement.

And so preparations continue. Working from home today, getting details together, packing, etc. Leaving on Amtrak tomorrow morning, getting in town well before the convention media party -- a likely blog topic if ever there was one -- swings Saturday night.

About the blog: Thanks to the loyal readers who have stuck with this between the conventions. Not only is it amazing how many people correspond, it's amazing how many new people I've met through this thing. Remember -- successful blogs are built virally, and the readership push is on for the convention. As Bartles & Jaymes once said, thank you for your support.