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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Don't hate us 'cuz we're beautiful

Saturday night "Media Welcome" party at Columbus Circle. Free alcohol, free gourmet food, jazz bands, celebrities, the works. I literally rubbed shoulders with Tom Glavine, the Atlanta Braves/NY Mets pitcher, and spent 10 minutes fighting a bottleneck as Don King held court. I'm sure there were lots of other people I missed -- I'm bad at recognizing celebrities.

Definitely a grand affair, and one that instinctively makes me a bit uncomfortable. Journalists are constantly drilled not to accept free food, favors, etc. That, of course, goes out the window this week, since the convention itself is all about Parties and parties. Thus, I have comp tickets and party invites, all in the name of "news." Combine that with the fact that the whole affair's a melange of journalists and politicians -- two of the lowest species held in lowest regard by the American public -- and it's not hard to figure out why some folks switch the channel when the whole thing comes on TV.

But don't hate us 'cuz we're beautiful. I ran into a lot of hard-working friends and colleagues tonight who were every bit as disoriented and bewildered as I was, and darn it, we had a conscientious good time. And I must admit, I appreciate the free coupon book I got when I went through the door. I discovered this evening that the reason my bag seemed lighter today than it did when I traveled to the Democratic convention was that I forgot to pack ... pants. Other than the jeans I wore on the train and the bottom of my one suit, which I wore to the media party, I am poised to cover the RNC in boxer shorts.

Must shop tomorrow. Don't know if there's Target in Midtown.