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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Not in Kansas

--- Heard outside Broadway theater, chanted toward the Georgia GOP delegation.

Some of the protesters aren't being polite, and they definitely won't stand being ignored.

Police can keep the main events in pre-announced areas, but they can't keep people from standing on public streets and exercising free speech. Walking down Broadway was a gantlet of police and protesters, with police directing traffic and protesters directing ire. We'll see how people are feeling Wednesday.

Some of it was pretty creative. "The Wizard of Oz" maintains its grip on American consciousness (the New York Times had a "You're not in Kansas anymore" headline in a guide for convention delegates today), with for New Jersey theater students posing as Dorothy; the Tin Man (with a Dick Cheney face -- oil, ya know); the Cowardly Lion (Don Rumsfeld -- sends other people to die); and W. as The Scarecrow ("If I only had" ... ). I found out they're from Jersey, but Dorothy insisted her name was "Dorothy Gale." No one wanted to give their real names -- I'm mainstream press, ya know.

In terms of numbers, anti-Bush people are dramatically outnumbering pro-Bush. Lots of verbal confrontations, but nothing violent as of yet, although my friend Suzanne got thwacked upside the head with a TV camera. She is in stable condition. Then again, she's a pretty stable person.