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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Primary politics

Primary time in the Heartland last night. Missouri voters backed a gay marriage ban, a vote with national implications. A similar move failed earlier before the Kansas legislature, which factored into primary elections in that state. In Wichita, the political comeback of former Mayor Bob Knight got squashed by incumbent Susan Wagle, in another victory for the conservative wing of Kansas's Republican Party.

But the biggest Kansas news might have been the 3rd District primary, where a bitter match between Kris Kobach and 2002 GOP nominee Adam Taff remains too close to call. The unofficial results show Kobach, the conservative's candidate, leading Taff by 87 votes. You can bet this one will have a challenge, which may be a break for Dennis Moore, Kansas's only Democrat in Congress and a man who profits from Republican catfights every two years. This one's going to play out over the next week, as provisional ballots are counted.

Meanwhile, in blogworld, we have our first submission to The Cabbie Project. A letter-writer pointed out to me that since this blog is aimed at Middle America, it's going to be tough to get a lot of these stories -- "not many cabs in Joplin, Mo." was the phrase used, I believe. Point taken. But I've noticed that many readers are also Midwest transplants who go to www.kansas.com for updates on the home front -- I'm relying on their stories to tell. This one comes from Meredith Sedlachek, formerly of St. Paul, Minn. and now of Washington, D.C."

"I was returning from NY and when I got into the cab, the man-who was east African, after hearing the address where I was going started ranting, ( with no urging from me) "In my country, if someone lies, they do not stay in office. This is ridiculous." He continued criticizing the Bush administration for a full five minutes, and every attempt to insert my own comments was thwarted. Finally, and just as my cell phone started ringing-I said "Well, the best weapon you have is to be certain you vote in November!" and I answered my cell phone. While on my call, I heard him saying under his breath "you don't care about the world, you just have to answer your phone...."