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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Just say no to meth in church

Special shout-out to readers in Minneapolis, which was named the nation's most literate city again by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's annual study. DC was tops in newspaper reading and publishing, but got hit in other categories. Kansas City took 12th place out of 79 cities -- Wichita took 55th, right between Dallas and Fort Worth. Not a good result for the homeland. But thats OK because we no that Wichita has lots of literat peopul who read and spell good. Really.

Also on the northern Plains, one alert reader sent in this item about eco-devo in North Dakota -- a meth lab hidden in a church. Imagine the suspicious signals that must have accompanied this. "Lars, why are you bringing ammonium and cough medicine to the potluck?" or "Ya know, Ingrid's sure been acting funny after Luther League. She talks a mile-a-minute, and she can't get to sleep!"

But seriously, folks, methamphetamine is a serious scourge that's really hurting rural areas all across the heartland. So please, please don't build meth labs in churches -- and if you see someone walking through a church door with boxes and boxes of Nyquil and lighter fluid, please call local law enforcement. ...

... Primary day in Kansas, with all eyes on the 3rd District. Sam Brownback faces token opposition in his primary, and Wichita school board member Michael Kinard faces Marty Mork in the Democratic primary for the right to face Todd Tiahrt in the fall. And in an odd twist, a 79-year-old former transportation secretary under former Gov. Mike Hayden has filed as an independent against Brownback. Looks like a crowded, if not particularly competitive, field this fall in the Senate race.