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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Big Red burgers

Isn't it great that the Official Restaurant of the 2004 Olympic Games is McDonald's? It's, like, so way appropriate that McDonald's is the official sponsor. I know nothing motivates an Olympic swimmer like a juicy quarter-pounder, or a tasty Chicken McNugget from McDonald's. What better aid to a sprinter than the handy pedometer that comes with the Adult Happy Meal from McDonald's? I know that when I have an Olympic day ahead of me, nothing gets me going like McDonald's. So remember, when you're treating the Olympian in you, eat at McDonald's -- you deserve a break!

(This space available for sponsorship. Write Alan Bjerga c/o Knight Ridder Washington Bureau ...)

With President Bush's plan to take troops home, Sen. Sam Brownback is working the KS angle, calling for a return of The Big Red One to Fort Riley. The 1st Infantry Division has been based in Kansas since 1955, and one brigade of the division remains near Junction City. But bringing back the entire division would be a huge boon to the area economy, and you can bet that Riley's lobbyist has a lot more than BRAC on his plate right now.

More on intel: Pat Roberts said he's willing to oppose the White House with an intelligence director bill that will give a new national intelligence director powers in line with the 9/11 Commission.

"That person would be empowered with the authority to really lead the intelligence community," Roberts said. "These authorities include the ability to hire and fire, as well as the ability to exercise control over the budgets."

Roberts is planning a hearing tomorrow on the plan.