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Monday, August 16, 2004

Guns of August

The August Intel wars are raging, and it looks like the Democrats are about to execute a tactical retreat on the Porter Goss nomination. It just ain't worth it for them to fight this one.

Politicizing intelligence investigations, hearings and nominations are a touchy topic on Capitol Hill, but it looks inevitable. Pat Roberts challenged John Kerry to release his attendence records at Senate Intelligence hearings on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, which drew an immediate charge of politicization from the Kerry camp. The problem becomes, when does legitimate questioning end and when does politics begin? And how are they separable, anyway? I mean, there's Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and then there are matters of public policy and record. Lines have to be drawn somewhere -- but isn't line-drawing itself a political act?

(Sorry. Taking a dangerous veer toward grad school discourse classes here. Stop me before I quote Foucault.)

Other news: To answer the burning question, just how is Barack Obama connected to Kansas, look here. Meanwhile, a columnist writing in the Kansas City Star laments the lack of Democrats on the Sunflower State ballot. Are sunflowers perennials? The complaint sure is.

And finally, in this blog's continuing acknowledgement of dead rock legends, let us note the passing of Elvis Aron Presley on this day in 1977. I just clinked on his official Web site, and "Hound Dog" came on. The editor passing by smiled, an appropriate tribute.