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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A recipe

Hey -- I know this space is normally reserved for weighty political issues of the day, but I'm coming to the office late tomorrow and all the KR bloggers were told in a conference call today that it's important to have fresh content for readers in the morning. In that spirit, I thought I'd share this recipe that I just developed while fooling around in my kitchen this evening. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I call it, "The Soy Milk Milkshake."

Here's the recipe:


1. Ice Cream
2. Soy Milk

Directions: Scoop ice cream from ice cream container into suitable container, often a glass. Add soy milk to ice cream, taking care not to overfill. Stir evenly until soy milk and ice cream are thorougly mixed. Serve and enjoy. Thickness and number of servings vary depending on the amount of ice cream and soy milk.

"The Soy Milk Milkshake" is a healthy twist on an old standby. It's like a milkshake -- with soy milk! That's why I call it, "The Soy Milk Milkshake." It's easy, it fun, and mmmmm ... is it tasty! Try it with your friends!

OK. So I'll stick with my day job.