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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Fresh starts

OK, this is getting old. I've been dragging this out for almost two months, and it's time to come up with a definite plan-ahead for Ozblog. So here goes.

1. Revamped layout has been a partial success, but continuing on Blogger just doesn't do it. The site has to migrate so comments are posted efficiently. Some friends have shown some good templates, so now I have some examples to follow. Next step is to look into a new domain.

2. Good news: I'm getting a digital camera. This is going to make life easier, and the blog more interesting.

3. Obviously, there's still a readership, as I'm still getting a couple e-mails a day from people wondering what's up. Had I been in their shoes, I would have given up long ago.

So here's the plan. Gonna migrate, gonna graphic-ate, gonna move on with a Kansas-plus format. BUT (and here's the big rub), I can't promise when. If I were you, I'd stop reading this thing until I formally announce a return. I have literally saved EVERY e-mail from anyone who has ever commented on my blog, and when I'm ready to get back into a regular grind with a regular grind, a mass announcement will be sent out to all of those inboxes, and peace will reign throughout the land. In the meantime, there may be sporadic entries, but nothing to raise expectations.

Of course, the big question is, will I ever actually follow through? I honestly think so. I've gained a lot from doing this, and when the circumstances are right, I'll totally bring the blog back. But right now I'm spending a lot of time getting my foot and shoulder right, and I'm editing a book on the side, and I just haven't had the time for what is essentially a fresh beginning, and I want to start out right. Thanks again for your patience, and thank God that Kansas is always there for us, rectangular and wonderful.