Somewhere, over the rainbow, a blog is born. A blog for Kansas. A blog for America. A blog by a reporter with a difficult-to-pronounce last name. But most importantly, a blog that is AMERICA'S ONLY PLACE dedicated to the vital intersection of politics and Sunflowers. The Heartland gods nod in wise approval.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

First edition/manifesto

This entry is a test. It's only a test. I swear, it's only a test.
Eight o'clock in a dusky D.C. evening, and the marketing folks say I better get something posted fast unless I want the world to beat a path away from my door at the sight of blogging blankness on my very own blog, sponsored by the kind and tolerant folks at Knight Ridder Newspapers.
If you're looking at this, it's probably because you're A. A Knight Ridder consumer, B. Interested in Kansas politics, or C. You got trapped in one weird Google search. This blog is here to serve all interests. Immediate interest is campaign '04, most immediate is next week's Dem. convention. But we'll evolve as we go along.
Background on me: Wichita Eagle Washington reporter. Live in Alexandria, VA. Been here since September 2001, which was an interesting time to move from Wichita to Washington. Minnesota native, been in journalism since '98.
Conventions coming up. Monday, to be exact, but everyone's running around, making last-minute preparations. Got an invite today from Dan Glickman, former Kansas Fourth District congressman, current head of Harvard's Institute of Politics at the Kennedy school and new head of the Motion Picture Association of America. Dan's Harvard group is doing a study on young voters attitudes in 2004, and he's having a reception rolling it out on Thursday. Can't make it -- I won't be in Boston 'til Saturday -- but I'll post it once it's available.
Purpose of blog: Inform voters. Entertain readers. Link to relevant information, which is going to have heavy Sunflower emphasis (and isn't it ABOUT TIME someone did that? Hoo-ha for Kansas!) in an effort to make this a must-read for the Kansas-connected. Please -- tell your friends -- blogs are viral, so catch the bug! Impress your relatives by knowing me. Comment. Point out typos. All will build a better blog.